The future of animal companionship conference

Royal Canin

Royal Canin
00:03“Economics of Mutuality”
Loic Moutault, Royal Canin CEO
17:40“Adapting urban environments to pets’ needs”
Gary Gaston
45:29“The dog’s point of view & the cat’s point of view on the world, us & each other”
Alexandra Horowitz & Sarah Heath
02:01:30“The benefits of living with pets”
Megan Mueller, Peter Gorbing, Alexandra Horowitz & Michel Rossetti
02:42:10“The influence of nutrition in pets’ lives, from early domestication to today”
Cécilia Villaverde
03:05:40“Obesity: a threat for people and pets”
Alex German & Ted Kyle
05:21:00“How changes in society influence pets’ lives”
Joeri Van den Bergh
06:07:30“Mutuality: How can species survive sharing available resources”
Didier Livio, Koert van Mensvoort, Patrick Baudry, Lana Zivanovic
07:42:50“Opportunities in a high-tech world / AI / Big Data”
Kevin Lloyd & Greg Santaner
Loic Moutault, Royal Canin CEO